In May 2017, a CT scan for pulmonary embolisms showed a large mass on Pat’s pancreas. Weeks later it was confirmed that seemingly healthy 69 year old had advanced pancreatic cancer. Pat is a father of two, grandfather of four. He loves his grandkids, the beach and travelling to Thailand.

This blog is written with the hope that it will help others faced with this disease. There is so little written and the funding is abysmal, especially for a cancer with one of the highest mortality rates. As I searched for blogs outlining the road ahead, I found very little, we’re entering relatively unmapped territory.

I also write it for my children and my niece and nephew. I hope that one day these posts will provide them with comfort and memories of a grandfather who loves them more than anything and whose first comment after hearing he might have cancer was that he wished he could be there to watch them grow up.

Lachy, Tay Tay, Finn and Cha Cha, never doubt how much your Poppy loves you, he’s fighting this battle for all of you.


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