A dose of reality

Sadly last week’s appointment did not bring happy news. Pat’s CA19-9 markers have gone down from 16,000 to 4.900, which is lower than when he was first diagnosed. On the surface that suggests that the treatment is working well against the tumors. But on closer inspection the CT scan of the previous week showed the that tumor on the spleen has grown and is now pressing on the heart and lungs – causing, no doubt, some of Pat’s shortness of breath.  So the chemo worked.. on some of the tumors.

New chemo regime started with Irinotecan the tablet form of 5FU called capcitabine. There was a concern about diarrhea with the new chemo regime, but thus far, Pat has not had any adverse side effects.

This week they suggested that Pat should be setting up a Power of Attorney. Needless to say that’s pretty upsetting to hear – both for him and us. He’s also been given details of an organisation who will provide him with free transport to his appointments. It’s concerning to us that that’s been suggested as it makes it seem as though Pat is deteriorating more than he lets on over the phone.

It was Father’s day over the weekend so we made an effort to have a Skype call with Pat and the kids. It was actually the first time I’d ‘seen’ him since we arrived back in Bangkok and I was pleased to see that aside from being balder than before, he was pretty much the same. The doctor said he even gained back some weight this week with the steriods enhancing his appetite once again.

Found this photo of Pat, Trent and Finn from August 2011 while looking for Father’s day photos

Screen Shot 2560-09-08 at 12.11.32 PM

And from our wedding.. June 2008



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