The small moments

We’re back on the ‘warm’ Gold Coast again after a quick visit to Sydney to catch up with Trent’s mum. We jammed that trip with every imaginable adventure and hopefully the kids are feeling rejuvenated.

Chemo tomorrow, this time I’m taking the reins while Trent spends a much needed afternoon being Dadda to our kiddos.

Pat’s spirits have been up this afternoon; not quite as high as pre-cancer days, but compared to the last few weeks we’ve had a reasonably good afternoon. He spent an hour or so playing cards with Ninn and I. I feel like this will become part of our routine for the remaining 4 weeks or so. Then later he read to both the kids individually. Dinner was a mild Indian curry and he managed to polish off two kids sized plates – so that’s a considerable improvement over previous weeks.

I’ve now got the kids settled in the bedroom while Pat and Trent await the start of State of Origin #3. I hope for the sake of his household that NSW win tonight.

We have just under 4 weeks left here and we hope to jam them with good times. Trent’s sister and her family will be joining us here later this month, so it will be great to finally have all the grandkids together under the same roof. They are aged 10, 7, 7 and 3 and have never been together at Poppy’s house – so watch this space for mess and excitement! Booked into that week we have professional photos and Christmas in July. Since we live overseas Christmas is always hard for us – sending presents costs a fortune and this year we’re taking our kids to the North Pole, so to save the worry, we’re doing it in July – at Poppy’s house (what could possibly go wrong?!) And of course we have whale watching and the Outback Spectacular planned – let’s see if we can convince Pat to join us!

Tomorrow is the last chemo of the first cycle so I feel we should celebrate somehow (I might ponder that one tonight).

Pat’s struggling with a perpetual sore throat. It began shortly after the first round of chemo and hasn’t left him, the doctor suspects ulcers as a result of the chemo, but it is worrying to see him in pain. He’s also coughing a lot and suffering continued shortness of breath (presumably from the pulmonary embolism). I know this worries him, tonight he mentioned that he’s concerned that it’s cancer in his lungs. I assured him that it wouldn’t be, that the tests would have shown if it was, but it lingers, this constant threat.

More after tomorrow…


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