There’s no doubt

Yesterday it was 51 days since the doctor in Bangkok told us that they believed Pat had pancreatic cancer. Yesterday the doctors here in Australia confirmed the same. So now the battle really begins. Thursday begins the first day of chemo. We’ve been assured that it will be well tolerated. The goal of the chemo is to slow the cancer, at this point there’s no cure. Assuming it is as well tolerated as they say then this is our best bet, it might buy Pat some more time and at least allow us to try to wrap our heads around this horrible disease.

They are starting with Gemcitabine, once a week for three weeks then a week off before the cycle continues. Wednesday will be bloodwork day, Thursday will be chemo day. At least now, we have a semblance of a routine in our lives. They will use Wednesday’s bloodwork to adjust the chemo each week. He will lose his hair and he has been told to avoid the sun – which is perhaps the thing he’s most upset about.

Last night was rough, everyone knew that it was “the” appointment so of course everyone rang to find out how it went. Pat’s feeling guilty for ‘ruining’ our holiday (his words not mine), but I’m just glad we’re able to be here with him during this time. Pat’s weight loss is beginning to show, I’m not sure if it’s because I know that he’s lost weight, or he’s wearing different clothes, but it’s noticeable. He’s eating well though, so at least we have that working to our advantage.


“If you pick a guinea pig up by its tail its eyes will fall out” – Pat’s words of wisdom to his grandkids today!!


2 thoughts on “There’s no doubt

  1. Tam I have just read through this whole blog and have to say it is beautiful. Such a tough time for you all and so difficult for the children. Having been through a different type of scare last year, I know the most important thing was the love that I felt from my family and friends. Just know that there is a huge team of us out here sending mountains of love to you and yours. Take care my beautiful friend. xxxxx


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