Not much to report today. I think as our family approaches the finish line of our time separated we are struggling to hold it together. The kids got new bunk beds delivered today, an event that would normally be cause for celebration but which instead ended with BOTH kids in tears in separate rooms. Kinda sums up our coping strategies right now. At least I’m not the only one who cries inconsolably for no apparent reason!


Hospital confirmed the biopsy, Friday at 11am. Not great timing as Trent will be two hours into his flight to Singapore to meet us. I wish it could have been done before he left, but at least we’ll have answers when we get back…. TOGETHER.

I’m holding onto small moments of goodness right now, entirely unrelated to the monster ravaging our family’s world. I received this message from a dear friend today and it warmed my heart and gave me some much needed strength to face the day.

Love the blog, love that you have a safe place to write. Love that the kids will be able to read about a sad, but precious time when their superhero mumma did all she could to shield them from monsters that don’t ever give up…….  I’m in awe of you. Your strength, foresight and consideration for others is incredible. Love you Tam x

Yep, they are monsters all right. Ninn and Cha, I’m sorry you’re going through this, I’m sorry I’m not flawless at this time when you need me most. I love you both and my heart is shredded watching you try to process this. Tonight I cried in the car on the way home from dinner. Ninn, ever observant and thoughtful said “Mumma, why are you crying?” I replied saying something about being sad to say goodbye to our friends for the summer and he said “Is it because this is going to be a sad summer for us?” …. Yes bud, I guess it’s because of that. Cha is our eternal optimist, she gently rubbed my hand and said “It’s okay Mumma, the doctors are going to give Poppy special medicine and make him much better”. Thanks baby girl, your sunshine will be much needed in the stormy season ahead.




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