More news from yesterday. The cancer has spread further than we initially thought. Starting in the pancreas, it moved to the spleen, through the blood to the liver and kidneys and there are mets in the groin. Lymph nodes are also involved. This is bad news. A devastating blow after our hopes for a lymphoma diagnosis.

Biopsy of the groin met to follow and then we meet to get the results and the action plan in two weeks. A workmate of mine here in Bangkok, likened the last month to a slow drip, such an accurate metaphor. It’s been slow and painful and with each day we hear something new, and often it’s not good news.

I spoke with Ninn last night. He knows, he knows the cancer is in more places than we thought, he knows it’s bad and he knows that we need to make the most of the time we do have. He cried last night, but not as much as before. He made me promise to tell him everything and in simple kid terms I hope to be able to keep that promise for him.

Pat has started having symptoms now, he’s still, thankfully, not in pain, but his failing pancreas is taking its toll and he’s experienced gastrointestinal upsets.

I’m not the only one who processes by writing. Ninn has started a book of his own.. let’s hope it has a happy ending.



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